Forest Bathing

Wellbeing in Nature – Let your Mind Wander!

Forest Bathing, traditionally known as Shinrin Yoku, translates to "Forest Shower" or "Forest Bath" and relates to "total immersion". Step into the magic of the woods to enjoy a total immersion into the joy, beauty and healing power of nature.  Listen to what the trees and your heart have to say!

A guided walk combined with sensory invitations support you to take time out for self-care and commit to your own evolution. Let go of tension and time restraints and invite relaxation and empowerment into your body, mind and heart whilst surrounded by the medicine and wisdom of the forest.

Did you know research has shown that two hours of forest bathing can have a positive effect for up to 30 days?
Benefits include:
  • Boost immune system and sleep quality.
  • Reduce blood pressure, stress hormones, anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue.
  • Increase focus and clarity with emphasis on grounding in the present.
  • Enhance feelings of playfulness, curiosity, love, gratitude and inner peace.

    Please note: These events are an opportunity to enliven your senses, enhance your inner wisdom, explore nature with a childlike curiosity (it is not a wild swim, forest hike, nature walk or foraging exercise).

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