Useful Reading

Please feel free to use these resources at your leisure. If you would like information on anything that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Myths of the Asanas - Alanna Kaivalya & Arjuna van der Kooij

Hatha Yoga The Hidden Language - Swami Sivananda Radha

Yoga Girl - Finding happiness, cultivating balance and living with your heart wide open - Rachel Brathen

Yoga for Life - A Journey to Inner Peace and freedom - Colleen Saidman Yee

Waking - A memoir of Trauma and Transcendence - Matthew Sanford

Woman's Health & Vitality

Yoni Shakti - A Woman's Guide to Power and Freedom through Yoga and Tantra - Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

The Wild Genie - The Healing Power of Menstruation - Alexandra Pope

Wild Power - Discover the magic of your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power

The Optimized Woman - Using your Menstrual Cycle to Achieve Success and Fulfillment

Nutrition & Health

Crazy, Sexy, Juice - Kris Carr

A Modern way to Cook - Anna Jones

The Art of Eating Well - Hemsley & Hemsley

Honestly Healthy - Natasha Corrett & Vicki Edgson

The Medicinal Chef - Eat Your Way to Better Health - Dale Pinnock

The Medicinal Chef - Healthy Every Day - Dale Pinnock

The Doctor's Kitchen - Dr Rupy Aujla


The Hidden Messages of Water - Masaru Emoto

Water The Elixir of Life - Lesley Una Pierce

Eating Mindfully - Susan Albers

The Simple way to Stop Eating Chocolate - Jason Vale

The Golden Fountain - Coen van der Kroon

Empowerment & Inspiration

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats - Jan-Philipp Sendker

Three Cups of Tea - Greg Mortenson

Beyond the call of Duty - Isabel George

Endal - Allen & Sandra Parton

You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

Fuck It The Ultimate Spiritual Way - John C. Parkin