Take an Adventure

Re-discover wonder and excitement with Everyday Adventure prompt cards.

This months blog post is inspired by this delightful set of prompt cards; As grown up, one of our deepest urges is for life to be more adventurous. Unfortunately, many adventures, especially the ‘big’ kinds, are expensive, threaten to upturn everything and can upset those who rely on us. Step forth pocket-size adventures called ‘Everyday Adventures’. Spark the imagination, revive the spirit and motivate yourself with one of the following suggestions.

  • Dance vigorously to ‘bad’ music.
  • Send an email to three friends – explaining what they mean to you.
  • Complete the sentence: “If I was not afraid of failure, I would …”
  • Track down one of your childhood teachers and say thank you.
  • Look up a tourist guide to your own town/ city – and do three things you have never done.
  • Re-read your favourite book.
  • Take a walk down your childhood street on Google Maps.
  • Set your alarm before sunrise and go for a walk.


After you have completed an ‘Everyday Adventure’ let me know how you got on and how it improved your day!