Yoga on and off the mat for Neve and her D of E

It is always an honour to help guide those interested in yoga, onto and along their yoga path. It is fascinating to watch their path unfold before them. For most the journey, might be of physical progression, but for others it may be emotional, spiritual or a combination of all three.

It was therefore, an utter delight to work with a student from Kingsbridge Community College when she approached me to ask if she could come along to yoga as part of her silver Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Neve started practising yoga with me at the end of 2016, and soon proved to be a keen, enthusiastic and diligent member of the class. She was sociable, outgoing and mixed well with the other class members, most of which were much older than herself. She attended regularly, and on the occasion, she was unable to attend she always phoned ahead to let me know.

All class members are invited to participate at a level that suits their individual body, mind and mood, and to work within their own limitations, at all times. Neve listened to verbal cues and observed visual cues diligently and carried them out whilst remaining honest and true to her own capabilities.

By marrying our movement with our breath, we are capable of so much more during our yoga practise and I observed Neve make fantastic progress, managing stressful times during her exams, gaining clarity of mind and improving her physical and emotional balance and flexibility.

Neve, who chose to do yoga as the physical requirement of the training course to help improve her physical and mental capabilities, as well as trying something new, completed her silver award in June 2017.

To complete her award, she had to attend a class each week for 6 months. However, she decided to continue her practice after 6 months as she has come to really enjoy her yoga. She told me “it helps me focus and is a good outlet for my energy”. It’s been two years now, and Neve continues to practise with me on a weekly basis.

What we learn on the mat can absolutely help us off the mat in our everyday life. I have no doubt that Neve has gained physical and emotional benefit in, and out of class. I am so pleased Neve contacted me in 2016, and that she has embraced her yoga journey with both hands, both feet, both eyes, and whole heart.

Well done Neve … Good luck with your future plans and dreams – Keep on breathing!

Donna & Neve – June 2018