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Invest in your physical and emotional health by booking a course of treatment with Simply Soulful Therapies…. Many people pay regular subscriptions to health spas, DVD clubs and other social activities, so why not your health and relaxation?

For benefits and treatment descriptions visit the Therapies page. WHY NOT? Treat a friend or family member to a gift of Self-Care with a Treatment Gift Voucher.


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Imagine how you would feel knowing you have a relaxing treatment to look forward to on a regular basis…. that your fees were paid in advance and your favourite time slot was pre-booked just for you…. ? So, whatever the weather, however your week has been at home or work, regardless how much the kids have played up, the quality ‘me’ time we all deserve, but so often lack, is waiting for you!

Not only will you have a course of treatment to look forward to you, you can enjoy an attractive discount, which increases in value, the more you invest.

There is no need to book all dates at the time of payment unless you want to. Simply add, any number and combination of treatments to your Shopping Basket, along with one of the codes below, to receive your multiple booking discount. So, simply pre-pay, enjoy the savings and book as you wish!

Spend between £100 – £200 – Receive 5% Discount. Code: TBB5 (up to £10 off)

Spend between £201 – £350 – Receive 7.5% Discount. Code: TBB7 (up to £25 off)

Spend between £351 – £500 – Receive 10% Discount. Code: TBB10 (up to £50 off)

Spend more than £501 – Receive 12.5% Discount. Code: TBB12 (£60+ off)