Setting up a home yoga practice


Whether you wish to establish your own home practise or join me on the mat for an online session, these tips may help you get the most of your time on the mat at home.

  • Make sure you are in a warm, quiet space where you will not be interrupted.
  • Play some soothing music, lower the lights and light a candle… any small gesture that signals to your mind, that it is time for you to relax. Allow your actions to create a ritual, a course of actions (just like, locking up the house, getting in to your car, driving to your usual studio based yoga class) that helps create an emotional response, letting the brain know what is going to happen next i.e. hopefully in this case, slow down and relax.
  • Allow the space you create to be a safe space, where you do not need to think about anything other than just your asana and breath for 60 minutes – everything (people, dogs, chores) will still be there after your practise, but hopeful the edges will be a little softer!
  • Trust that there is nothing you need to do, nowhere you need to be, for the next 60 minutes.
  • Allow yourself a few minutes at the beginning of the practise to settle in, so that you do not feel rushed prior to your practise.
  • Have a blanket for savasana, plus if you like to use yoga equipment, have yourself any other equipment you like to use to support your practise, such as 2 blocks, a belt, a bolster, an eye pillow,  possibly even a sand bag (be creative – books can be used as blocks, ties can be used as belts, pillows can be used as bolsters, scarfs can be used as eye bags, a large bag of rice can be used as a sand bag) – equipment is of particular benefit for Yin Yoga classes.

These small things will help you fully arrive on to your mat, arrive in to the present moment, and receive maximum benefit from your home yoga practise.

Please also visit my Yoga FAQ’s for general tips on how to make the most of your yoga practise.

If you have any other ideas or tips, please feel free to email me  your own favourite ways to help set up a home yoga practise… Om Shanti.