How Yoga Counters Ageing

How Yoga Counters Aging

The ageing process is often associated with greying hair and wrinkles, but beyond the face value changes, time can also take an intense toll on one’s physiology. Over time, you’ll notice you aren’t as fast, flexible, stable, or strong as before, nor can you hit your physical goals as quickly as you used to.

While these are all perfectly normal, there are certain measures and little lifestyle shifts you can make that can help counter the hands of time. One of these is yoga, an ancient practice that greatly assists us in self-awareness, allowing us to connect with the innermost part of our beings.

Although the fountain of youth is still yet to be discovered, perhaps a regular yoga practice can bring us a little closer to it. With that said, here’s how yoga can positively influence our body’s natural development:

It Helps You Build a More Flexible Body

Sadly, with ageing comes the stiffening of joints and muscles, which can lead to a downward slope of aches, higher rates of injuries, and fatigue. Along with a lack of physical activity, these can make us susceptible to muscle atrophy. Luckily for us, these can be reversed with continuous exercise and proper nutrition. Of course, you don’t want to push yourself too much with a heavy workout since it can likely do more harm than good. This is where the Simply Soulful Approach of blending the philosophy and traditions of yoga practice with light-hearted and amusing elements comes in. Through it, we can truly experience the full force of this low-impact yet powerful exercise, which can help improve flexibility and stamina.

It Boosts Anti-Aging Hormones

As we age, our bodies produce less and less DHEA, which is also known as the “anti-ageing hormone.” Fortunately, meditation practices can help bolster its production. Esteemed researcher Dr. Vincent Giampapa reveals that regular deep meditation can a have dramatic effect on the production of hormones, as it increases DHEA by 44-90% and decreases the stress hormone called cortisol by 47%. We can take our yoga efforts even further by combining regular practice with a healthy diet and skincare routine. Pretty Me’s lifestyle writer Sheena Dizon recommends being on the lookout for ingredients such as vitamin C and retinol in our skincare products. These help stave off wrinkles and fine lines on the surface, while yoga can smoothen out the kinks internally.

It Help Builds Muscle

It’s quite normal to lose muscle mass as one gets older, but yoga can encourage your body to reclaim its strength even as time passes. A common misconception about this meditative exercise is that you cannot build much lean muscle mass, but a piece on Live Strong argues otherwise. With the right poses and proper mindset, you can still give your muscles a healthy challenge and a boost of fitness through yoga. Moreover, a study on the Journals of Gerontology found that yoga can be a restorative exercise for older adults, as it helps them enhance their balance, mobility, and strength.

It Keeps Stress at Bay

Disciplined yogis can be some of the most centred and self-aware people you’ll ever meet. This is attributed to the disciplined teachings of yoga, which trains one to become more mindful of his or her entire being and surroundings. Although we cannot control what we encounter in life, yoga enables us to consistently choose the positive response to whatever the world presents us. Moreover, devoting yourself to a healthy lifestyle through yoga will help you avoid stress-related problems such as increased blood pressure, troubled sleep, and chest pain.


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