Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?

What if you could feel better about yourself and more empowered in your life simply by saying nice things about yourself?

That’s the idea behind positive affirmations, and a great deal of research suggests that people who practice positive self-talk might be onto something.

Read on to learn what positive affirmations are, how they can affect you (both positively and negatively), and how to formulate affirmations that are more likely to enhance your life.


What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are optimistic statements or phrases. They are most commonly used by a person to challenge negative or self-critical thoughts and/or to enhance feelings of self-esteem and personal empowerment.

Examples of positive affirmations include:

  • I have clarity around my goals, and I am actively advancing toward them.
  • I am capable at my job and my confidence reflects this.
  • I trust my inner wisdom and believe in myself.


How Do Positive Affirmations Affect You?

Research suggests positive affirmations can affect people’s brains in both positive and negative ways.

In 2015 a study reviewed past research which suggested positive affirmations can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve academic performance
  • Enhance overall wellbeing
  • Encourage greater openness to behavioural changes
  • Affirm one’s sense of self-worth
  • Help people develop a broader perspective when it comes to how they view themselves
  • Minimize the impact of negative emotions
  • Remind people that they possess psychological resources



We often use positive affirmations during our yoga practise, and whilst affirmations on their own might not lead to massive change, when you pair positive affirmations with positive action, you’ll be well on your way to improving your life.

To read the full article, and find out how to formulate effective positive affirmations, avoid the negativity trap and relate affirmations to your core values please visit Health Perch.

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