WHAT DID I LIKE THE MOST ABOUT THIS CLASS? Donna. This woman is phenomenal. I loved everything about her as a teacher. Her voice, her manner, the way she held herself and interacted with the class. A really excellent teacher with a beautiful ethos and style

Ms. L.R.
I recently had the privilege to have been observed by a Yoga Teacher in Training. This is an extract from the observation report:

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE CLASS STRUCTURE, THE FLOW AND TIMING? The class flowed really well, with the postures being intense enough for the class to feel like they’d really worked. The timing felt spot on, with a variety of postures, keeping the class interesting and finished with a really great Savasana - one of the best I’ve seen outside of our TT course

Ms. L.R.
I recently had the privilege to have been observed by a Yoga Teacher in Training. This is an extract from the observation report:

HOW WAS THE CLASS SET UP AND HOW DID THE TEACHER WELCOME PARTICIPANTS? Donna was chatty, warm and very welcoming. Obviously knows her students well and the students also very chatty amongst each other, radiating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Ms. L.R.
I recently had the privilege to have been observed by a Yoga Teacher in Training. This is an extract from the observation report:

After a year of yoga the difference in my flexibility and breathing control is amazing. It has improved my rowing dramatically and highlighted the need to balance aerobic and weight training, with the flexibility, calmness and balance of yoga. Donna is an intuitive and inspirational teacher and I totally recommend her.

Mrs. K.C.F

A huge thank you to Donna for her Masterclass of Yoga, Nutrition & Oils. The first 2 classes of peace, tranquillity and relaxation have been a revelation and given me many new skills to bring into my everyday life. I look forward to the sessions next year. (Very grateful that I won the summer photo competition that went towards this!). I thoroughly recommend these classes that you can start whenever and dip in and out to suit!

Mrs S. M.

Thank you Donna for a fabulous year of Yoga, Nutrition & Oils workshops. I have enjoyed every one and learnt so much. Each session has been well thought out with yummy treats included. Would recommend highly!

Mrs. J.W.

Goat Yoga was absolutely hilarious!

Ms. T.O.

Family Goat Yoga is excellent for families and children. Particularly good for children with special education needs and disabilities. Great teacher, very patient. My son loved it!

Ms. O.W.

The Goat Yoga was a great experience. Great interaction with goats. Fabulous and heartfelt yoga teacher.

Ms. J.S.

I have really enjoyed the Yoga, Nutrition & Oils workshop. I wanted to achieve a sense of calmness, relaxation and well-being. I have definitely achieved that.

Ms. S.B.

We loved Family Goat Yoga! Both calming and hilarious. Would definitely recommend!!

Ms. L.T.

Fantastic Baby Reflex course with great opportunity for practical application.

Ms H.S.

I found the Baby Reflex course very useful and loved the flexibility of being able to feed baby whilst we learn. Practising on each other helped consolidate the learning...

Mrs C.B.

Had a great SUP & BEACH Yoga Retreat day. SUP was a first for me and really enjoyed it. Donna is a great teacher - very patient and inspiring. The organisation of the day was seamless with the healthy cream tea being delicious!! Would defiantly go on another retreat day. Thank you Donna!

Ms M.D.

I just wanted to say I enjoyed the SUP Yoga & Beach Retreat so much. You planned it amazingly. The food was fantastic. Yoga sessions outdoors with beautiful scenery and making wonderful memories with beautiful people, nourished my mind, body and soul. Thanks again Xxx

Mrs E.B.K.

I just wanted to say a big Thank You for the Yoga & Reiki retreat last weekend. I floated home afterwards! From start to finish it was a wonderful day, incredibly well organised, excellent guidance, delicious lunch and ultimately very healing. Thank You Donna, it was just what I needed.

Mr J.W.

I went to the Chakra Yoga retreat on the 9th Sept. A lovely day with lovely people and lots of Yoga, Reiki, and a delicious lunch. Donna guided us through an informative and rejuvenating day. I left relaxed and inspired, more in tune to look after myself better. Highly recommended.

Mrs C.F.

Chakra Yoga & Reiki Retreat: I found the day extremely relaxing. The mix of more strenuous yoga in the morning and meditative yoga in the afternoon worked really well. A great intro to reiki which I will definitively follow up and use on my family.

Mrs S.E.

We had such a lovely time at Goat Yoga, the tour with the farmer was informative and met all the animals. The kids loved the goat yoga, we didn't stop laughing and are still talking about it now. So nice to cuddle the goats after. Would recommend and would love to do it again!

Mrs L.S.

I had the privilege of working with Donna daily for nearly 5 weeks. Having suffered with a chronic condition all my life and seen numerous therapists Donna's approach was incredible. She is intuitive, aware and very personable. I would recommend her to anyone....

Mrs D.B.

…. Donna has given me my most favourite yoga session ever, leading a group of friends and I in a serene, sunset beach yoga session.... pure bliss!! Whatever session you do Donna will give you a warm welcome, intuitive professional delivery and a calmly held practice that leaves you feeling nurtured and a little bit more Zen! Thank you Donna x

Mrs L.P.

I am so pleased to have found a teacher who is so flexible and innovative. I will be using your classes when I am back in Devon and look forward to joining you again soon.

Mrs L.G.

We booked Donna for two private sessions whilst hiring a house down in Salcombe last week. We are all pretty much beginners, but Donna made everyone feel very relaxed but gave a great insight into yoga (a couple were completely newbies) but we all really enjoyed the two classes. Thank you so much Donna... Hopefully see you next year!

Mrs J.R.

Family Goat Yoga was so much fun – a great family experience!

Ms. J.H.

Your website it excellent, clear and easy to use and I really like the calendar of events and classes that gives all the sessions for the month at a glance.

Mrs L.G.

Goat Yoga was a lot of fun. Giggles & nibbles – We’ll be back!

Mr P.B.

Your flow studio sessions on Monday evening are excellent, well balanced, challenging but with good guidance and options given for asanas to suit your own body. I love the flow and energy created with the breathing and postures. I feel completely energised, stretched but calm afterwards.

Mrs L.G.

Family Goat Yoga was the highlight of my son’s summer holiday (and we went to Disney world this year!!) laughed and laughed, loved the farm tour too. Thank you, Donna.

Mrs I.D.

Beach yoga was wonderful yesterday. The session was well balanced ... A fabulous way to start the day and I would highly recommend it. It is a good discipline to attempt yoga with lots of other things going on in the background and stay focused, quite different from the studio environment.

Mrs L.G.

Goat Yoga was a wonderful hands-on experience and I loved the ‘animal connection’ with each yoga pose. The farm visit was excellent, and Farmer Jon was extremely informative.

Ms D.G.

Lovely beach yoga, fantastic location, great teacher, thank you.

Ms D.E.

Family Goat Yoga made me roll up – and I’m not talking about the mat! Donna is a great teacher, who stayed professional whilst the goats caused havoc! I haven’t laughed like that in ages. The kids love it!

Mrs N. L.

Goat Yoga was great fun. Donna was professional and knowledgeable but also light hearted. The goats were very entertaining. Highly recommend this experience!

Ms D.N.

I'm really glad I've found Donna and her classes, I've done a few of her SUP yoga sessions which are brilliant! You don't need to have SUP'd before, Donna guides you through it with calmness and confidence. It's lovely to be out in nature while doing yoga and then to add in doing it on a board brings a whole new element to the holding poses... it's just great and has me hooked!.... Thank you Donna x

Ms L.P.

I had the most amazing time. So much fun interacting with the goats. I would definitely recommend this experience to others!

Ms J.R.

Great to do a yoga practise with everyone laughing - The goats were hilarious!

Ms J.S.

Lovely experience. Very funny and goats were extremely sweet. How will any other yoga class live up to this?

Ms J.C.

I highly recommend this yoga class with a difference. The goats were so adorable and i felt so relaxed and happy at the end. Donna was a lovely teacher and I appreciated the short farm tour to see the animals

Ms N.H.

We both really enjoyed the Goat Yoga class. Amazing birthday gift! Thank you!!!

Mr M.S.

SUP Yoga - The PERFECT way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Yoga on a SUP board is EXTRA relaxing!! Loved it ... thank you !!

Ms J.L.

A month ago I tried my first ever SUP yoga class led by the beautiful Simply Soulful Yoga at Waterborn SUP in Devon. To do downward dog on a paddle board is no mean feet I tell you! We chuckled as we were guided through a meditation into the eye of the storm, and as if by magic the heavens opened. One of the most enjoyable & peaceful ways to spend a Saturday morning. Even if the weather wasn’t as kind as it could have been. Next trip back I’m booking like a shot!

Ms R.A.

SUP Yoga – Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Great way to start the morning!

Mrs G.T.

Beach Yoga – I really love getting outside in nature, so it was absolutely perfect, especially today, as I was having a really busy day and I was tired … to do yoga here, with the sound of the waves, and being on the sand, feeling the sun tickle my face, has been absolutely amazing, really special ...

Ms N.M.

Goat Yoga – I have never smiled so much during a yoga session in my life, and I’m a huge fan!

Mrs A.W.

Beach Yoga – It was amazing. I felt really in touch with the earth, whish was lovely, as I have only ever done yoga in the studio before, so I felt great!

Ms P.S.

SUP Yoga – That was amazing, quite challenging, but really, really cool and very relaxed. Lovely feeling of floating on the water and the sensation of being adrift, really enhances it!

Ms P.S.

Goat Yoga - Absolutely bonkers, fabulous and unique experience. Loved every second. Thank you!!

Ms H.B.

Goat Yoga - Incredible experience and looking forward to returning soon. Very fun and excellent overall

Ms A.L.

'Simply Soulful' sums up Donna's yoga and therapy masterclasses beautifully. Donna runs every session and therapy masterclass from the heart and I always leave feeling balanced, calm and deeply nurtured. Thank you x

Ms N.M.

Took part in beach yoga on the 14th June. What an amazing setting and great session, really enjoyed it!!!

Ms B.S.

.... Goat Yoga, you ask? What? Why? Well, don't knock it until you’ve tried it! A joy-filled hour of positive goaty energy... makes you want to leap and frolic like, well... a baby goat. Funny that...

Ms H.L.

We joined Donna for a private goat yoga session for part of a hen weekend and had a fantastic time! It's impossible not to keep giggling when the gorgeous goats are gambolling around whilst you try to maintain a warrior pose - and somehow its relaxing at the same time! Thank you Donna for adding so much to our weekend - we had so much fun!

Ms S.D.

I really enjoyed the Adult Goat Yoga, and the animal themes yoga poses. It was great fun and the goats were so sweet and funny

Ms. A.M.

Our Adult Goat Yoga class was absolutely brilliant! I shall want to bring a goat into my next yoga class!

Ms H.L.

Our Family Goat Yoga class was really good fun. Puts a big smile on your face! Medicine for the soul!!

Mrs L.B.

I have been attending Simply Soulful Yoga’s Beginner class for 9 months and always find them friendly and invigorating with Donna always being aware of your ability, checking your alignment and comfort. I also had my first SUP Yoga session yesterday and loved it. I am trying to conquer a fear of being on the water and felt totally safe and happy in Donna’s hands, it was a beautiful experience which will be definitely be repeated. All in all, if your looking for a great yoga teacher, Donna is it!

Mrs J.D.

I was recommended Donna to hold a yoga class for my best friends hen party by another yogi. You know you’re in for a good session, when your instructor is recommended by another, and Donna didn’t disappoint. Donna organised a beautiful and bonding yoga class for us (twenty ladies), it was a lovely sunny day so Donna took the class in the garden, and we worked in pairs to hold our poses - she even bought 20 mats! It was the perfect way to kick off our hen weekend. Really recommend!

Ms C.A.

A huge thank you for Sunday morning's SUP Yoga for our Hen Party. It was fab and so much fun, all the girls seemed to really love it and it set us up for a super fun day

Ms M.A.

The Goat Yoga was just wonderful. We absolutely loved being able to cuddle the goats and pigs. Their curiosity was adorable. Such a memorable event!! We travelled from London especially and it was more than worth the 500 miles round trip

Ms C.K. & Mr R.J.

Gently introducing myself to the joy of yoga - Thank you Donna you're a great teacher

Mrs P.H.

I Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Donna for helping me get me back on tract, her advice on diet and exercise have really made a difference, I am now sleeping better and I love the Yoga classes, very uplifting and I am really looking forward to Laughter Yoga and the Goat Yoga that are coming up soon. Thank You Donna.

Mrs K.L.

I had never been on a retreat and wasn't sure what to expect from a women's yoga & nutrition retreat. I liked the variety in activities, it was not just yoga, as it included food demonstrations, essential oils blending, craft and a fantastic walk in beautiful surroundings. The weekend was interesting and inspiring; a good balance of free-time and activities. We had good conversation and some giggles! I would highly recommend the women's retreat

Mrs L.H.

Chakra Balancing Yoga - A beautifully restorative class, nicely paced and the use of oils really helped me focus on the individual chakra along with the chanting. Feeling wonderfully relaxed!

Ms J.R.

After a busy and stressful few days, the arthritis in my hands and knee were flaring up, but within 24-hrs of my Aromatouch treatment, a sudden improvement was apparent

Mrs S.S.

Donna was very professional, knowledgeable and guided us through our yoga movement with expertise

Mrs T.G.

A beautifully held Reiki session, which left me feeling rested and restored. Enhanced by the oils, mantras and meditations. Thank you!

Ms J.R.

I found the AromaTouch Technique very relaxing. The light massage was very effective, even though it was gentle it relaxed my muscles and mind. I found the use of different oils interesting as the different oils gave me different sensations, some felt cold, some hot, but all smelt lovely

Mrs L.H.

I felt so deeply relaxed during and after my Chakra Balancing Massage. My mind usually wanders, but I found the chakra affirmations, brought me back to the massage and reminded me i was there to relax and clear my mind. I enjoyed the explanation of the chakra whilst you worked on them. After the massage, i felt more relaxed that i had for a very long time, and it continued through the evening and into the next day

Ms C.C.

A wonderfully relaxing, nurturing and gentle AromaTouch treatment; delivered with confidence. Relaxing yet somehow invigorating!

Ms T.H.

Chakra Balancing Yoga - Yoga movement, combined with essential oils and mantras left me feeling at peace with myself and the world!

Ms J.C.

Chakra Balancing Yoga - Combining the essential oils and mudras, and stimulating the chakras is a powerful experience! I loved the affirmations that went with each chakra and using the oils. I feel calm and loved!

Ms A.D.

Chakra Balancing Reflexology - A thoroughly enjoyable experience. As soon as i arrived Donna made me feel relaxed and comfortable. The whole experience was amazing. I would definitely recommend this!

Ms L.B.

I really loved the way the Chakra Balancing Reiki session was structured. I found the spoken meditation soothing and along with the mantras this provided a great focus, which lulled me into a deep reiki induced state of relaxation more quickly than usual. Afterwards, i felt a great sense of peace, which carried through to the evening and the next day

Ms J.R.

I've wanted to join a goat yoga class ever since I heard about Donna's classes - it completely lived up to my expectations and more! Donna's description of laughter, animal and yoga therapy all in one could not sum it up better! Absolutely brilliant! I also got a chance to do the beach yoga class - such a beautiful location and Donna was brilliant at making it accessible for everyone, as well as pitching it at a great pace - slow enough to find peace in each position and enjoy the scenery, yet not too slow. I've been inspired to start doing more yoga back home. Thanks Donna

Ms K.B.

Donna, you are a breath of fresh air and your passion for the subject is contagious

Mrs C.G.

Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend at the Well Woman retreat. So pleased I booked on at last minute. The food was delicious. Really enjoyed the gentle yoga. You created a beautiful, safe place and I felt totally nourished and eager to do more research on my return home. Look forward to joining another retreat soon

Mrs T.W.

Well Woman Retreat - Thank you, I am feeling inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated  with a good dose of food for thought. The yoga, meditation, food, company and ideas have been amazing

Mrs C.G.

Fantastic afternoon at the Yoga Masterclass. Good balance between sessions. Lots to take home and put into practise. Just what I needed!

Mrs L.E.

Adult Goat Yoga - best Friday night for a long time! Great from start to finish!!

Mrs J.W.

A fabulous family Goat Yoga session. Thank you for a very different experience. Excellent teacher. Would recommend for any family

Mrs J.N.

I really enjoyed the Yoga Brunch. I found the focus on breath and movement simple and nourishing; the meditations on transition into spring beautiful, and really appreciated being able to take time to focus on my spiritual growth. The food was tasty!

Ms M.C.

Donna is a fantastic, extremely knowledgeable and experience teacher, and really knows how to bring a group together and make everyone feel relaced and welcome. If I lived closer, I would be at Donna's classes every week. Instead I'll be on regular trips to the area

Ms L.F.

I have done yoga 'on and off' for many years. Donna is expertly bringing back my love of yoga and flexibility.

Mrs K.J.

Thank you Donna for a wonderful afternoon Masterclass of yoga, nutrition, essential oils and hand reflexology. I have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait for next month's class. Will be recommending highly

Mrs J.W.

I find Reflexology very relaxing. It also helps me get a good night's sleep which is great when you're 5 months pregnant and normally find it difficult to get into a comfortable position and stay asleep! I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone

Mrs J.

Would highly recommend, Donna is so lovely and makes you feel so at ease and relaxing! Book now!

Mrs. L.C.

Donna and Simply Soulful Yoga ... very personal, caring, attentive - with a great balance of relaxation and exertion. Just what I [you] need!

Mr. M.L.

The treatments I have received over the last few months have been very therapeutic and have given me a wonderful feeling of calmness and well-being

Mrs C.

5 star treatment by the lovely Donna. Always feel totally relaxed and refreshed after having reflexology with Donna. She is a very professional and very friendly girl. I always feel very safe in her hands

Mrs H.N.

A condition of bad balance, difficulty in hearing and irritation in my ear was relieved after a 2nd session of Ear Candles. Thank you Donna!

Mrs B.

Lovely beginner's yoga session for me and my baby bump tonight. Donna is very patient and knowledgable and I felt confident and relaxed

Mrs E.C.

I find Reflexology very relaxing. It also helps me get a good night's sleep which is great when you're 5 months pregnant and normally find it difficult to get into a comfortable position and stay asleep! I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone

Mrs J.

A welcoming atmosphere and Donna's friendly nature made it easy to build a good rapport and discuss my personal situation. Donna gained a good perception of my problems and has really helped improve my well-being

Mrs M.

I feel extremely privileged to have been able to meet such a caring & professional therapist

Mrs B.

Reflexology - Just what's needed after a hard day's work. It's so relaxing I fall asleep

Mrs H.

One of the most wonderful, calming and positive yoga classes I have ever experienced. Donna has a beautiful way of creating a completely relaxed atmosphere with clear guidance that gives you great confidence in yourself... I can't recommend her classes highly enough

Mrs K.J

Donna's 'healing hands' are perfect after a hard week or to relax you before you go into the weekend or on holiday

Miss J.

Donna’s yoga classes are very calming with considerate teaching


Donna is friendly, welcoming and very knowledgeable. Her recommendations and support really helped me improve my general well-being

Miss B.

Yoga with Donna is amazing. Very relaxing. It really helps you switch off


A therapist, professional to the utmost, friendly and with a 'magic touch'. I would recommend Donna to anyone

Mrs P.

I really enjoyed last Monday’s yoga class and came out of the class feeling really relaxed and super stretched

Miss J.

Donna is a lovely therapist who made me feel relaxed, welcome and in very good hands. The Swedish Massage I received was heavenly - I felt like I was floating on air after I had left

Mrs S.

I enjoyed yesterday’s yoga class very much – I have woken up some very sleepy muscles!

Mrs H.

The friendly and professional nature of the treatment made for a very enjoyable experience

Mr B.

This was my first experience of yoga. Donna was very welcoming and kind. I will definitely do it again. An excellent class, which was warm, friendly and supportive. Thanks

Ms S.

Donna is very professional and immediately puts you to ease when arriving for a treatment. I always feel very relaxed and re-energised after a visit!

Mrs. J.C.

We both absolutely loved Animal Yoga!! So funny and actually relaxing! Fantastic teacher amongst the madness. We will recommend and we are coming again!!

Ms R & Ms C.

SUP Yoga - The experience was very rewarding. Relaxing and strenuous in equal measure. A great way to start the day!

Mrs D.

Yoga & Laughter Workshop - Totally amazing 2 hours. Thank you Donna & Sophie. What a Dream Team you make!

Ms J. W.

Donna is a wonderful human, a natural and authentic yoga teacher

Mrs L.T.

The Yoga & Laughter Workshop was one of the most insane things I think I have ever done but REALLY glad i did!

Ms. L. R

The animals running around during Goat Yoga was hilarious - I laughed so much! The yoga was also great!! We travelled 150 miles and it was well worth it

Ms S.N.

Cream Tea Yoga - Just the right combination of balance, stretch, posture, relaxation, support and gentle breathing. I have not done yoga for ten years, but this session has encouraged me to re-join

Mrs C.G.

A lovely Goat Yoga class with a very calming teacher. The animals were hilarious and so nice to share the practise with

MS. S.K.

Cream Tea Yoga - Very enjoyable, gentle yet intense. Not too slow, not to fast. Just right

Mr R.G.

Donna is a fantastic yoga teacher helping you to find and embrace your practice. Glow in the Dark Yoga is energising and relaxing within the same hour. The lighting and music add something new to your practice keeping it refreshing and exciting each week. I love that I have found yoga and found a brilliant teacher

Mrs R.L.

The Goat Yoga was JUST WONDERFUL. We absolutely being able to cuddle the goats and pigs. Their curiosity was adorable. Such a memorable event!! We travelled from London especially and it was more than worth the 500 mile round trip

Ms C.K. & Mr R.J.

Really loved the Yoga Brunch experience. Felt like you really knew my mood and worked with my energy. You have a great talent. Thank you

Mrs F.C.

Cream Tea Yoga - Everything was fully explained and i felt very welcome

Mrs J.S.

Yoga & Festive Mince Pies - Found the session relaxing yet invigorating. A very well run session, which has made me think about the way i relax and calm my mind. I am hoping to apply these techniques when i have bad sessions of insomnia

Mrs V. M.

Donna was a fantastic yoga instructor for our Goat Yoga class for the Google Executive Summit. The guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a once in a lifetime experience that was made better by Donna's fantastic teaching. We will

definitely work with Donna again

Talisa Adstock, Producer, AMV

Yoga Brunch - I didn't think i would be able to participate much because of my recent knee injury. But i was wrong. It was lovely. Thank you

Mrs M.H.

AMAZING experience! Tranquil and gorgeous! If you haven't tried SUP Yoga yet- you most definitely should!

Ms N.S.

I have had yoga with Donna twice daily for a week now, never having done yoga before. I started the week being very stiff and tense with my lower back in spasm, following an accident almost 2 years ago, where I fractured my pelvis. Within 3 days I felt much more relaxed and free from pain. By the end of the week I am fully mobile and feel as I did before the accident. I cannot thank Donna enough for giving me my freedom of movement back

Mrs J.R.

I was very poorly with post viral syndrome (ME symptoms) when I had my first reiki session with Donna, and it marked a real turning point in my healing. I felt stronger after every session as my body found the energy to heal itself, and with reiki and the right nutrition I am now back to work. Something that was unimaginable just this summer! I can't thank Donna enough for giving me my life back

Mrs M. S.

Donna is a fantastic yoga teacher helping you to find and embrace your practice. Glow in the Dark Yoga is energising and relaxing within the same hour. The lighting and music add something new to your practice keeping it refreshing and exciting each week. I love that I have found yoga and found a brilliant teacher

Mrs R.L.