Special Events & Workshops

Simply Soulful Yogi Fun Club

As we all know, there are many wonderful benefits to be received by practising yoga and meditation; and by combining our practise with humour, delicious laughter and a social element, it is my belief that these benefits can be increased ten fold.

The Yogi Fun Club therefore offers regular yogi social events and training, where you are invited to relax, release and revitalise, in order to 'find your inner smile'. Meet up with fellow Yogis from other classes or bring along a friend....

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything"

Irish Proverb

Choose from one of the social events and training courses below:

Goat Yoga

Christmas Yoga

Yogi Brunch

Yogi Cream Tea

Laughter & Yoga Workshop

with Donna & Sophie

Essential Oils Workshop

with Donna

Reiki Level I

Yoga Nutrition & Oils
Masterclass Series

Party Yoga

Baby Reflexology Training