Client Testimonials

" Donna is a wonderful human, a natural and authentic yoga teacher" Mrs L.T.

" I have had yoga with Donna twice daily for a week now, never having done yoga before. I started the week being very stiff and tense with my lower back in spasm, following an accident almost 2 years ago, where I fractured my pelvis. Within 3 days I felt much more relaxed and free from pain. By the end of the week I am fully mobile and feel as I did before the accident. I cannot thank Donna enough for giving me my freedom of movement back" Mrs J.R.

"AMAZING experience! Tranquil and gorgeous! If you haven't tried SUP Yoga yet- you most definitely should!" Ms N.S.

"Yoga Brunch - I didn't think i would be able to participate much because of my recent knee injury. But i was wrong. It was lovely. Thank you" Mrs M.H.

"Donna was a fantastic yoga instructor for our Goat Yoga class for the Google Executive Summit. The guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a once in a lifetime experience that was made better by Donna's fantastic teaching. We will 

definitely work with Donna again" Talisa Adstock, Producer, AMV 

"Donna is a fantastic yoga teacher helping you to find and embrace your practice. Glow in the Dark Yoga is energising and relaxing within the same hour. The lighting and music add something new to your practice keeping it refreshing and exciting each week. I love that I have found yoga and found a brilliant teacher" Mrs R.L.

"Cream Tea Yoga - Everything was fully explained and i felt very welcome" Mrs J.S.

"Really loved the Yoga Brunch experience. Felt like you really knew my mood and worked with my energy. You have a great talent. Thank you" Mrs F.C.

"The Goat Yoga was JUST WONDERFUL. We absolutely being able to cuddle the goats and pigs. Their curiosity was adorable. Such a memorable event!! We travelled from London especially and it was more than worth the 500 mile round trip" Ms C.K. & Mr R.J.

"Cream Tea Yoga - Very enjoyable, gentle yet intense. Not too slow, not to fast. Just right" Mr R.G.

"A lovely Goat Yoga class with a very calming teacher. The animals were hilarious and so nice to share the practise with". MS. S.K.

"Cream Tea Yoga - Just the right combination of balance, stretch, posture, relaxation, support and gentle breathing. I have not done yoga for ten years, but this session has encouraged me to re-join" Mrs C.G.

"The animals running around during Goat Yoga was hilarious - I laughed so much! The yoga was also great!! We travelled 150 miles and it was well worth it" Ms S.N.

"I was very poorly with post viral syndrome (ME symptoms) when I had my first reiki session with Donna, and it marked a real turning point in my healing. I felt stronger after every session as my body found the energy to heal itself, and with reiki and the right nutrition I am now back to work. Something that was unimaginable just this summer! I can't thank Donna enough for giving me my life back" Mrs M. S. 

"The Yoga & Laughter Workshop was one of the most insane things I think I have ever done but REALLY glad i did!" Ms. L. R

"Yoga & Laughter Workshop - Totally amazing 2 hours. Thank you Donna & Sophie. What a Dream Team you make!" Ms J. W.

"SUP Yoga - The experience was very rewarding. Relaxing and strenuous in equal measure. A great way to start the day!" Mrs D.

"We both absolutely loved Animal Yoga!! So funny and actually relaxing! Fantastic teacher amongst the madness. We will recommend and we are coming again!!" Ms R & Ms C.

"Donna is very professional and immediately puts you to ease when arriving for a treatment. I always feel very relaxed and re-energised after a visit!" Mrs. J.C.

"This was my first experience of yoga. Donna was very welcoming and kind. I will definitely do it again. An excellent class, which was warm, friendly and supportive. Thanks" Ms S.

"The friendly and professional nature of the treatment made for a very enjoyable experience" Mr B.

"I enjoyed yesterday’s yoga class very much – I have woken up some very sleepy muscles!" Mrs H.

"Donna is a lovely therapist who made me feel relaxed, welcome and in very good hands. The Swedish Massage I received was heavenly - I felt like I was floating on air after I had left"  Mrs S. 

"I really enjoyed last Monday’s yoga class and came out of the class feeling really relaxed and super stretched" Miss J.

"A therapist, professional to the utmost, friendly and with a 'magic touch'. I would recommend Donna to anyone" Mrs P.

"Yoga with Donna is amazing. Very relaxing. It really helps you switch off" Anon.

"Donna is friendly, welcoming and very knowledgeable. Her recommendations and support really helped me improve my general well-being" Miss B.

"Donna’s yoga classes are very calming with considerate teaching" Anon.

"Donna's 'healing hands' are perfect after a hard week or to relax you before you go into the weekend or on holiday" Miss J.

"One of the most wonderful, calming and positive yoga classes I have ever experienced. Donna has a beautiful way of creating a completely relaxed atmosphere with clear guidance that gives you great confidence in yourself... I can't recommend her classes highly enough" Mrs K.J.

"Reflexology - Just what's needed after a hard day's work. It's so relaxing I fall asleep" Mrs H.

"I feel extremely privileged to have been able to meet such a caring & professional therapist" Mrs B.

"A welcoming atmosphere and Donna's friendly nature made it easy to build a good rapport and discuss my personal situation. Donna gained a good perception of my problems and has really helped improve my well-being" Mrs M.

I find Reflexology very relaxing. It also helps me get a good night's sleep which is great when you're 5 months pregnant and normally find it difficult to get into a comfortable position and stay asleep! I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone" Mrs J.

"Lovely beginner's yoga session for me and my baby bump tonight. Donna is very patient and knowledgable and I felt confident and relaxed" Mrs E.C.

"A condition of bad balance, difficulty in hearing and irritation in my ear was relieved after a 2nd session of Ear Candles. Thank you Donna!" Mrs B.

"5 star treatment by the lovely Donna. Always feel totally relaxed and refreshed after having reflexology with Donna. She is a very professional and very friendly girl. I always feel very safe in her hands" Mrs H.N.

"The treatments I have received over the last few months have been very therapeutic and have given me a wonderful feeling of calmness and well-being" Mrs C.      

"Donna and Simply Soulful Yoga ... very personal, caring, attentive - with a great balance of relaxation and exertion. Just what I [you] need!" Mr. M.L.  

" Would highly recommend, Donna is so lovely and makes you feel so at ease and relaxing! Book now!" Mrs. L.C.

"I find Reflexology very relaxing. It also helps me get a good night's sleep which is great when you're 5 months pregnant and normally find it difficult to get into a comfortable position and stay asleep! I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone" Mrs J.

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